Hi. I’m Marco Velasquez.

I have a passion for

I have a passion for sales excellence, championing learning, and cultivating creativity.

Through the power of immersive training programs, game-changing marketing campaigns, and strategic consulting, I specialize in unlocking the untapped potential of businesses, propelling them towards their goals and soaring to unprecedented heights.

About Me

With over 20 years of experience, I have served diverse clientele, trained professionals, assumed leadership roles, and provided strategic guidance to esteemed business leaders.

My expertise includes immersive training program development, comprehensive marketing campaigns, professional audio and video production, engaging graphic and website design, and tailored strategic consulting services.

Fueled by a deep passion for building connections, nurturing relationships, and implementing winning strategies, I find profound satisfaction and fulfillment in every step of my professional journey.

Areas of Expertise

Sales Enablement

I focus on equipping sales teams with the necessary tools, resources, and training to effectively engage prospects, accelerate sales cycles, and drive revenue growth within the organization.

Learning & Development

I create effective and engaging training programs by leveraging instructional methodologies, technology, and adult learning principles within the field of learning and development.

Creative Direction

I leverage my expertise in brand development, graphic & web design, and audio/video production to craft compelling and visually captivating experiences that resonate with audiences, blending these skills seamlessly to create impactful results.

Professional Experience

Senior Manager, Learning & Development

SigFig | May 2022 – June 2023

  • I collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze user needs, developed immersive training materials, and implemented effective strategies to enhance user proficiency with SigFig’s ecosystem of digital wealth products.
  • Within my first 3 months on the job, I successfully launched a comprehensive learning and development program from the ground up. This program was designed around four primary pillars for success: learning consultation, instructional design, training delivery, and training evaluation.
  • The training materials I created encompassed various formats, including self-paced learning modules, virtual and in-person webinars, leadership seminars, video tutorials, and more. This diverse range of resources ensured that users had flexibility in accessing the training content based on their preferred learning style and availability.
  • I fostered a close partnership with our marketing & sales professionals to collaboratively develop sales enablement content. By seamlessly integrating the comprehensive training materials, professionally-produced video content, and sales resource guides into their workflows, the sales team was equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively distinguish SigFig from its competitors. This integration not only provided them with valuable learning and development opportunities but also empowered them to activate and deliver enhanced value propositions to clients.

Director of Digital Marketing & Communications

PRISM Media | Jan 2020 – May 2022

  • I was responsible for shaping the company’s growth strategy and long-term vision.
  • With a focus on delivering successful outcomes, I provided comprehensive oversight for the execution of both internal and external projects. Taking the lead in collaborative brand development initiatives with small and mid-size businesses, I fostered the creation of captivating marketing solutions that directly contributed to business growth.
  • I successfully led a team responsible for implementing innovative strategies, positioning PRISM Media as a prominent and influential player in the industry.

Regional Director of Media Relations

Arizona Care Hospice | Oct 2018 – Jan 2020

  • I successfully led the development of impactful social media marketing campaigns, video production initiatives, and provided oversight for graphic and website design activities.
  • I significantly expanded Arizona Care Hospice’s digital presence, resulting in a remarkable increase in social media followers from 400+ to over 4000+.
  • I produced over 50 videos to effectively promote the organization, implemented a website revamp to optimize conversion rates, and led the redesign of all public print and digital collateral for enhanced impact.
  • By elevating the visibility and reach of Arizona Care Hospice, I ensured the effective communication of its mission and services to the target audience, thereby contributing to the organization’s success.

Marketing Consultant

Advisor Group | Apr 2017 – Oct 2018

  • I delivered comprehensive traditional, digital, and multimedia marketing solutions to a network of 5,000 financial advisors.
  • A significant achievement was spearheading the enterprise-wide initiative to establish MarketingU, an innovative online educational platform designed to empower financial advisors in enhancing their marketing skills. MarketingU provided self-serve resources, including video tutorials, podcasts, quick tips, and monthly live webinars, offering reliable and effective tactics.
  • Through my contributions to MarketingU, I successfully equipped financial advisors with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their marketing efforts, playing a vital role in their professional growth and overall success.

Vice President, Learning Consultant

Bank of America | Apr 2017 – Oct 2018

  • I held the responsibility of providing oversight for enterprise-wide manager development programs, catering to a vast cohort of 30,000 mid-level managers spanning the organization.
  • To facilitate comprehensive growth and development, I spearheaded the development and promotion of professional development solutions through multifaceted digital, print, and video campaigns. These initiatives yielded tangible results, including increased learning completions and heightened awareness of leadership development initiatives throughout the enterprise.
  • By conducting meticulous analysis of employee databases and surveys, I identified trends that informed targeted professional development strategies, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction, and driving revenue growth.
  • I meticulously aligned learning strategies with business priorities, ensuring the optimization and successful outcomes of the development programs in support of organizational success.

Assistant Vice President, Instructor & Program Manager

Bank of America | Dec 2011 – Apr 2017

  • I held a pivotal role in facilitating associate readiness and skill-building solutions specifically tailored for the manager population. This encompassed overseeing the strategic allocation of resources for learning programs across the entire franchise.
  • In close collaboration with Instructional Designers and Learning Consultants, I actively contributed to the development and promotion of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led learning solutions.
  • A significant aspect of my role involved actively mentoring and guiding Instructors to enhance their facilitation skills, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • I consistently organized, prepared for, and led national train-the-trainer initiatives, ensuring the highest standards of training excellence and maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout the organization.

Professional Work

bold & vast is a passion project that includes a captivating compilation of resources, thought-provoking articles, and expert advice meticulously crafted by yours truly.

This exclusive collection of thought-provoking articles, videos, and expert advice is custom-tailored to assist professionals in navigating the ever-changing landscapes of learning and development, sales enablement, and creative marketing.



Master of Education (M.Ed.)
2013 – 2015

Bachelor of Arts
2000 – 2005

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